Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Secrets "Revelio"

Richa & Subbu sir have tagged me for this and I hope this will again revive my forgotten blog :)

Name three most valuable assets.
Family, Friends and their belief, trust & love for me.

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the three blog buddies you would take alongside with you?
No one
I would prefer my BIT@KMC mates in this kind of situation, because with them, I don’t have to think about anything else. We have come too long together to even worry about anything. We know, we will manage somehow and that’s one group with whom, you will always find time is in short supply.

Where is the place that you want to go the most?
There are so many places I want to go, the list is endless and I can’t prioritize them in any way. But still, if I have to name one, it has to be Nanda Devi Inner Santurary (Visitors are not allowed there to maintain the ecological balance of the region, conspiracy theorists say, its banned because of a lost nuclear power sensor to monitor chinese communication at the base of Nanda Devi. CIA and IB sent a team on top of Nanda Devi to post the sensor in 60’s, they were unsuccessful and lost it, though they planted one on Nanda Kot next year)

If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?
Delhi citizens start following the rules and start caring for their city. Don’t be surprised, it can happen only in dream :(

What are you afraid to lose the most in yourself?
Any kind of physical disability.

What would you do if you found a briefcase full of money?
Some L lenses and invest rest of it. Take some amount periodically to travel to different places across India and maybe world.

If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Already did that :D

Which type of person do you dislike the most?
Hypocrites and Shallow kinds.

If you were given the chance to have one super power, what would it be and why?
I would stick to Richa’s ans :)
To become invisible at will and travel to any place in seconds. I can travel and survive for long without any money :)

For you life is about
Enjoying and living every second of it :)

If you could do one thing different in life, what would it be?
None as such but maybe I would have loved to study Design instead of Management.

Are you a shopaholic?
Could be, if someone is sponsoring me :)

Which actor/actress would you like to be?

One song that gives you goosebumps?
Still to talk about something in context, the current fav is “Kabhi Kabhi Adiiti” and song to humm is “Tumse Hi” from Jab We Met

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
France-Italy match at 12:30 in night, Office, Some work at Noida Authority, A visit to Priya and then to a friend’s place

I Tag
No One :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pirates, Sugar Free & Ghalib

Another weekend gone and few more movies are marked out from “Must Watch List”. Was it different or was it like any other weekend, depends on what side of mine is known to you :) The best way to put it up would be : From the new age multiplexes to old world charm.

Friday night was spent in watching a friendly match between England and Brazil. Beckham’s return to England team and Brazil's flair was good enough reasons to watch the match till 2:30 in night. A late surge by Brazil in the injury time resulted in a draw, which was a fair result after England took a lead through Terry header from Becks freekick.

Saturday felt like a kind of weekend, which I used to have in Chennai. A hot and humid day, with couple of movies and excellent Rajma Chawal at a friend's place. First off the list was “Cheeni Kum”. Fabulous movie with some witty dialogues, excellent characterization and good acting (Johra Sehgal was just amazing); they should have done away with melodrama in last few minutes. Sounds clich├ęd but it was zara hatke movie. The second one : Pirates of the Carribean – At world’s end, was a big let down and was bearable just cuz of Jack Sparrow's antics. Seemed like it was made just to have a third part in the series, without a proper script or story in place. No wonder IMDB mentions that they started filming the movie without even a finished script, which is very much unlike Hollywood (though quite a norm in apna bollywood). Till now both the third installments have proven to be damp squib (Spidey and Pirates). I hope the coming ones are much better (Shrek, Ocean etc). By the way, both these movies were seen in the latest multiplexes in the town. After hearing about it for ages, Satyam finally opened at Nehru Place and Waves have opened up at Raja Garden. From my experience, Satyam – Janak Puri and Waves – Noida are the best multiplexes in the town (Satyam is better cuz of good service). So, it was good to see one more branch of these multiplexes at different locations. The new ones are good but old ones are still better with large screens and stadium seating. Satyam is little bit costly too with Rs 160 as a cost of ticket (South Delhi effect :( ) but its better than wasting your money at PVR Saket or Priya (the seats are getting worse day by day here).

Sunday was spent in sleeping around and after lot of deliberation between me and my friend, we paid a visit to Ghalib’s Haveli at Chandni Chowk. The place was in dilapidated state earlier, but now its being maintained by Delhi Govt after it was highlighted by historians and prominent scholars of delhi. If you will ask any Rickshaw walla to take you there, chances are you would be left wondering whether you got down at the right metro station. A samartian, who was hoping to entice us into buying sarees from his shop told us to mention the area rather than just mentioning Ghalib's Haveli. Situated in labyrinthine lane (Qsim Jan Gali) at Ballimaran, this is the place where Ghalib spent last few yrs of his life. The haveli is quite small in area and has couplets written by Ghalib on the wall along with other information & trivia about the poet. Few experimental shots (one you can see at my photoblog), a quick visit for Gianni’s Rabdi Faluda beyond Fatehpuri Masjid and then we took a rickshaw to Lal Quila. It was a lovely evening with a beautiful sky and I was able to get some really nice shots out there. Back to CP by Metro and some time at Central Park followed by a visit to Wills Lifestyle, curtains were down for the weekend.

Sunset at Red Fort

On a different note, it was quite costly weekend because of some repairs done in my still faithful car (suspension, AC, Shockers etc). Its getting hot day by day and I am hating it and not at all looking forward to hot and humid days of July & Aug. Lets hope for a better monsoon. BTW, the best part about the weekend was lots of Tandoori Chicken on Fri and Rajma Chawal on both Sat and Sun :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cast(e) Your Future !!!

A three point guide on how to have a good future in India for your kids and siblings :-
  1. At the time of elections, demand for a lower status (as per social strata of Indian society), make the leaders promise it to you.
  2. After elections are over, wait for sometime then demand for status change to SC/ST/OBC
  3. If Govt. doesnt agree, then create a ruckus all across the state (demonstrations, destroy public property, stop all kind of services etc etc)

This will surely result into a community getting the desired status, which will open multiple avenues for coming generations because of the so called different categories in all the educational institutions and govt. jobs.

Probably India is the only country, where people aspire to be in lowest classes of the society. That's what happens when you base the seats in Educational Institutions and Govt jobs on different kind Quotas.

PS: I will try to be regular on this blog again :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Culinary Escapades !!!

The last few days of 2006 were spent in treating myself with multitude of culinary options across different places inside well as outside of Delhi. My family’s visit to Rajasthan coupled with my own visit to Khajuraho and Orchha just before their visit left me with the options of trying different restaurants, raiding my friend’s home and sometimes even cooking with them. Just for the fun sake, let me list day by day the food I had during this time :)

20th Dec 2006 :

Dinner : Veg Biryani, Curd, Naan, Chole and Paneer something from Comesum- Nizammudin Railway station followed by a plum cake

21st Dec 2006 :

Breakfast : Omlette (awesome) in front of Jhansi Station, Pakode and samosa with green chutney on the way to Khajuraho

Lunch : Noodles (egg and veg) with Peas :D, Pizza and bland spaghetti at Khajuraho (worst of all the days)

Dinner : Focaccia, Penne Pasta with tomato based sauce, Indian Veg Pizza etc…..

22nd December 2006

Lunch : Typical Indian Lunch (though dal fry was nice)

Dinner : Chinese (Noodles, Manchurian, Veggies in Some Sauce, Scrambled Eggs and toast)

23 December 2006

Breakfast : Bread-Omlette followed by some awesome bread pakodas and poha

Dinner : prior to it we had delicious aloo tikkis with matar dal at Orchha, Veg Pulav, Dal Fry and yummy fruit Raita

24 December 2006

Breakfast : Usual Bread Omlette followed by fruit raita, Macaroni

Lunch : Bread Omlette & Fruit Raita :D

Dinner : Typical Indian Railways Dinner

Back to Delhi and I was all alone looking for my dinner, lunch was taken in office on most of the days

25th December 2006 :

Lunch : Jassi Papaji’s wedding, - Chicken Tikkas, Chilli chicken, Seekh kebab, Rice and Raita followed by Hot Gulab Jamuns and Gajar ka Halwa

Dinner : Chicken Tikka and Roomali Roti + Vodka from Rajinder at a friend’s place

26th December :

Dinner : Cooking time at friend's place – Dal Makhni, Aloo Gobhi, Pulav, Roti and Raita (not everything was done by me and my friend makes some yummiest food)

27th December :

Dinner : Sharwamas at Priya, then Bun-Omllete + Egg Parantha at JNU Ganga Dhaba followed by Maggi + Coffee at IIT Nescafe

28th December

Dinner : Seekh Kebab + Roomali Roti from Rajinder & Vodka (Vanilla Twist) at a small party at home

29th December : Cooking Day

Lunch : Pasta with Tomato, Garlic and chilly Sauce with eggs

Dinner : Chicken Soup + Garlic Bread

30th December 2006

Lunch : Cooking time again – Veg Biryani & Jeera Raita at friend’s place

Dinner : Khichdi (awesome) made by my friend :)

31st December : finally parents back home but my culinary escapades continued till Monday

Dinner : Pizza + Vodka from Slice of Italy

1 January, 2007

Lunch : some family friends were coming for lunch, so assisted mom in cooking Chilli Paneer, Palak Pulav, Aloo Gobhi and cooked Methi Chicken myself (need recipe :D)

Quite a culinary escapade I had over last few days. For those, who don’t know or haven’t guessed it till now. I love cooking and trying out different recipes. Happy cooking and eating out in the coming year and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Life is a Freeway !!!

The legs are hurting, back is troubling and there is drowsiness in eyes (maybe a result of too much vodka + beer in last few days: D)

But the trip to Khajuraho & Orchha was fun and refreshing, Beautiful places especially Orchha. Wait for detailed account of the trip and photos. Till then, you can enjoy the panoramic view of sunset at Orchha across Betwa river.

I had enough time to think about certain issues and take some decisions while I was on trip.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, what is your say on it…………

Does our perception about a person’s creative work changes after knowing that person?

What might be “ok and nice” before we know him/her changes to “good and excellent” after knowing him/her …………………………….

Till then, let the life be on a freeway !!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Do You ?

Do you like the songs because of the usual reasons (music, melody, lyrics, poetry etc)


Do you like the songs because of the mood you are in ? Once you are out of that particular phase, those songs dont hold the same interest any more.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Traces !!!

Are we all unconsciously biased toward people who have studied in good institutions?

Irrespective of where people reach (professionally), how much money they earn etc etc…..the education (not only academic) that is imparted at a school or college imbibes certain qualities or way of thinking in a person. In spite of how much a person tries, there always will be traces of that upbringing somewhere in him/her and it shows at some of the darkest time of any person’s life, when they are at the vulnerable stage and sometime in daily mundane instances too.

You can’t get away with it or Can you?
Few of you might say thats i am trying to generalize but lets face the fact that there are numerous instances of people coming from a certain place have some particular attribute common in them. Ofcourse exceptions are always there :)

PS: This is not a post written to evaluate a person, so don’t think along those lines. Neither is it written because someone has said something to me. Just something I have been observing for a while now and I wanted to know your inputs on it.